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When metal and hardcore with a latin sound all come together, you get a versatile mix of heavy riffs with the right melodic touch to make your adrenaline flow. That's what Absoluto is all about. Welcome to our world!!!.  Here in our page you will find different sections that portray what we are all about. You can read our biography to learn a little more about us. We also have pictures, here you could see us in action at some of the places we've played at. You can read our lyrics for some of our songs, and you may also download some song samples if you want a little taste of our music. Also, we have an events section where we list our upcoming shows, be sure to come here so you can go to our shows! And don't forget to sign our guestbook or you may also view our guestbook to see some of the comments by other people who know us or have visited our page. And don't forget to stop by our chat room. For bookings and updates visit our info page.

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AIM screen name: SICmaggot2k
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